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Dr. Al Robbins

CSI Level : Coroner
Date of Birth : 1/19/52
Height : 5'9"
Weight : 179 lbs.
Place of Birth : Church Falls, VA
Marital Stats : Married
Education : M.S. in Biological Chemistry, University of Virginia; M.D./Ph. D. in Physiology, Johns Hopkins University

Previous Employment:
After completing his residency at Johns Hopkins, Robbins opened a clinic in the inner harbor area of Baltimore. He worked as a general practitioner fro 20 years before the chronic budget shortfalls and the practices of the newly powerful HMO's forced him to close the clinic's doors. Strictly out of academic curiosity, he became an Assistant Coroner for the Arlington, VA, police department, where he worked his way up to Coroner in two years. After putting together four years in Arlington, he transferred to Las Vegas. He has been the Chief Medical Examiner in Las Vegas for the past five years.

Born to a single mother in an era where everyone came from a two-parent household, Robbins spent his life as an underdog. Spurned by his peers, he took solace in books from an early age, discovering an aptitude for academia. His mother worked as a nurse, so Robbins spent most nights in the local hospital. The doctors and nurses unofficially adopted him and they not only gave him free reign of the premises, they allowed him to assist in any number of activities the chronically short-handed facility required. From stocking shelves as ten-year-old, to assisting in simple surgeries as a teenager, Robbins knew more about the hospital than some of the doctors who worked there. And he put that knowledge to work when he opened his own clinic. Many years of fighting the good fight eventually left him drained and after shifting into what felt like a natural career change for him (medicine is all about life and death), he and his wife and their three children packed up and moved to Las Vegas. He's free to purse his own interests, both at work and at home, and that's the way he likes it right now. His medical career has somewhat followed the path he envisioned for himself, but his personal life has exceeded his wildest expectations. his wife and his children have replaced books as the center of his life and nothing will ever change that.

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