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CSI Planet is a Fan Site dedicated to the TV show CSI:Crime Scene Investigation. CSI follows six Las Vegas crime scene officers as above led by the enigmatic Gil Grissom. CSI is currently the number one show in the US and the spin-off CSI: Miami followed that success by being the top-rated new show in it's first season.

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Nick Stokes

CSI Level : III
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 155 lbs.
Place of Birth: Dallas, TX
Date of Birth: 8/18/71
Education: B.S. in Criminal Justice, Rice University
Special Skills: Hair and Fiber Analysis
Martial Status: Single

Spent his first three years out of college on the Dallas police force, then transferred to the Dallas crime lab, spending one year as CSI Level One before transferring to Las Vegas.

The last child in a family of seven, Nick was born into law enforcement. His father worked as the state D.A. before being appointed to the bench. Two years ago, Nickís father was appointed to the Texas State Supreme Court. Nickís mother has spent her entire adult life working as a public defender. They have been happily-married for 45 years. With one brother and five sisters, Nick had a lot of people looking out for him. Maybe thatís why everything feels so personal to Nick. He has no distance from his work because heís always been close to people. Where Sara struggles with relationships, Nick canít help himself. Being with and around people is so easy for him. Whatís hard is balancing the unspoken but competing perspectives of his parents. He wants to live up to their expectations, and becoming a CSI was one way of finding a compromise. Being a cop was too much for his father. As a CSI, heís objective. He still has social responsibility to uphold, but does his job without an agenda. The evidence speaks and everyone has to respect what it says, both public defenders as well as judges on the bench. Nick could still be in Texas, but he chose to move two states over. Thereís a part of Nick that loves his family and his family name, but thereís a part of him that wants to be on his own, to lay down his own roots and establish his own identity. What heís finding is that roots donít take quickly. Growing them is a slow process fraught with mistakesÖand Nick isnít finished.

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