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CSI Planet is a Fan Site dedicated to the TV show CSI:Crime Scene Investigation. CSI follows six Las Vegas crime scene officers as above led by the enigmatic Gil Grissom. CSI is currently the number one show in the US and the spin-off CSI: Miami followed that success by being the top-rated new show in it's first season.

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Captain Jim Brass

CSI Level : Homicide Detective, Las Vegas P.D.
Date of Birth : 1/3/53
Height : 5"9
Weight : 163 lbs.
Place of Birth : Newark, NJ
Marital Stats : Divorced

Brass spent 20yrs working his way up to homicide detective in New Jersey. he transferred out of homicide and out of new jersey 10 yrs ago and came out to Las Vegas. he eventually came to run csi department, more as an administrator then as an investigator.

Brass was born into a middle-class family in Newark. When the riots hit in the mid-sixties, Brass was in college. Something about the injustice made him decide on a career in law enforcement. He approached hid job with the zeal of a reformer and at first Brass gained a great deal of notoriety for his tenacious incvestigative style. Unfortunately, tenacious investigators tend to be indiscriminate. When they see someone do something wrong . they go after the crime. Even if the criminals are cops. And that's what happened to brass He became a Serpico-like figure in New Jersey. He cleaned up the department and the effort cost him his marriage and what little relationship he had with his daughter. When the dust cleared. Brass headed for Second Chance City, landing at CSI. He could get his fix to the investigative process without having to expand any personal capitol. His life gently slid into strip bars and J and B doubles and was well enough until a young newbie named Holly Gribbs showed up. Her death cost Brass his job and in some ways his peace of mind. Since shed died, he's been transferred back to homicide. He's not sure if he likes it, but it's familiar and iot's easy, and that'll do for the short term. THe long term is irrelevant for Brass, because he stopped believing in the future long ago.

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